To maintain mastery of the language, you have to use it constantly

Top of the day to you out there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan, president of  I’m delighted to be back with you after a wonderful working vacation.  Today, I would like to focus on how you can become a master of a spoken language.

To maintain mastery of the language, you have to use it constantly
When it comes to being able to master a language, it is really imperative that we use it constantly.  It does not matter if we do it through speaking, reading, or writing; that’s the way that it has to be.  Use it less than frequently or not constantly and we soon find ourselves slipping out of control of our grammar and vocabulary.
So many of us start off with a commitment to learn a second language and master it enough to become fluent but in so many cases this commitment often falls by the wayside and before we know it, our second language starts to become a faded memory.  In order to master any language, we need to keep in constant touch with it.  Through reading, writing, or speaking.  A good way may be for us to find someone to practice with.  On the phone, by email, or even face to face.  It is such a joy to be able to speak more than one language.
I always marvel that so many people living in the cities of Ottawa or Gatineau in Canada can speak both English and French so fluently.  To the point that it is often difficult to tell which is their mother tongue.  It probably comes from the fact that they speak both languages at home.
I am going to close by giving you a reference to check out.
        Philippine Daily Inquirer – Philippines
        To maintain mastery of the language, you have to use it constantly. I met a Taiwanese who was a Chinese-English translator in Beijing during World War II. …
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