The Sterling Creations summer 2009 newsletter

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The Sterling Creations summer 2009 newsletter

Hello and welcome to the Sterling Creations summer 2009 newsletter, which is produced quarterly.  We hope that you enjoy it and encourage you to pass it along to those who may be interested in the types of services that we offer.  We welcome your feedback and invite you to give us your comments for it is only through you and with you that we can improve our services. 
Table of contents
1 Message from the president
2 The second quarter in review
3 Sterling services
4 List of blogs and editorials
5 Contact info
Message from the president
Dear readers:
Summer 2009 is here and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you an enjoyable summer.  We have just completed our second quarter and despite many challenges we have managed to keep our heads above water and we are optimistic that the third quarter will bring us some new and exciting opportunities.  We have had to retool some of our services because of the continuing economic downturn but at the same time, we have managed to forge ahead in other areas. 
We have restructured our translation department after having sold our translation websites.  We have expanded our writing services staff and have managed to snag some very exciting opportunities and our accessibility team has been on the march.  Our researchers have become more involved in supporting our writing team and all teams are looking forward to an improved third quarter. 
On behalf of the staff of Sterling Creations, I thank you for your continuing support and feedback and encourage you to keep your comments coming.
The second quarter in review
The second quarter for Sterling Creations was one of many challenges but there were a few bright spots.  Our president Donna traveled to Vancouver on April 30 to deliver the keynote speech at the Annual General Meeting of the Alliance for the Equality for Blind Canadians and the theme of her speech was “Keep on fighting the good fight.”  On May 03 Donna was elected to the board of the AEBC as the second vice president and she was extremely excited and honoured to have been elected to this post.  Donna is looking forward to working with her fellow board members and she would like to thank Denise Sanders, John Rae, and Robin East for having extended the invitation to her to make the keynote speech.
Donna’s charter challenge against the Canadian Government continues to move along.  On March 31, Donna was cross examined by the Government’s lawyers and faced a barrage of almost 200 questions.  Whereas it had been hoped that the Government’s lawyers would have spent their time cross examining Donna on matters directly pertaining to the challenge, they chose to attack her personal character instead but at the end of it all the BakerLaw group of lawyers were extremely pleased with how things went.  BakerLaw is representing Donna and she is being greatly supported by many including the AEBC.  Her chief expert on accessibility is one of the best in the world; Jutta Treviranus who has given up countless hours of her personal time because of her belief in this challenge.  Donna is suing the Canadian Government over their inaccessible websites and unequal access to information on the Internet.
In May, Sterling Creations sold its 2 translation websites to a dynamic Toronto based company called Avalanche Networks; a company that specializes in helping businesses to obtain top rankings on Google, Yahoo, and other top search engines.  At the same time, Avalanche Networks has hired our writing team to write web content for their websites that presently number almost a thousand.  This is going to be a very exciting time for our writing and research teams as they will be required to research and write short articles on a multitude of wide ranging subjects. 
In the second quarter, the writing team also continued to work with clients in Britain to ghost write a fiction book and the bloggers were hard at work as well.  In addition, the research and writing teams continued to provide support services to Donna in her editorials and blogs.
Our translation team will continue to serve our present clients but on a smaller scale.  This will not however diminish their appetite for opportunities.  During the second quarter, they provided services in Spanish to several clients in Toronto and Europe and are hoping to provide some exciting services in French to two new European clients.
Our accessibility team managed to create some work for themselves; working with two Canadian based clients as well as one from the United States and they too are optimistic that things will improve for them in the third quarter.
So what’s in store for Sterling Creations in the third quarter?  Hard work to keep ahead of our competition.  An exciting partnership with Avalanche Networks.  The development of a potential opportunity with one of its partners; MIAD, Systems, a Toronto based computer company that will include our accessibility team.  More affiliations and partnerships for our writing team to produce articles for online newsletters and magazines.  Donna’s work with the AEBC and her continuing charter challenge.  Continuing opportunities for our translation team.
Sterling Services
Meet our accessibility team!  Made up of a hard working group of very dedicated professionals.  
This team offers compliance and evaluation services.  They can help you to test and evaluate your websites for W3C compliance.  They are experienced at what they do and some of their tasks include:
Accessible website design and development.
Accessible website testing and evaluation.
Accessible content development.
Creation of user testing, technical support, high level, and detailed evaluation documents.
Managing of user testing teams.
User and technical support.
Hardware and software evaluations of access technology.
Presentations, seminars, and workshops.
Meet our research services team!  Our newest edition.
This team can help you to research info on all kinds of topics.  From simple subjects to the more complicated ones.  This team can do it.
At the present time the research team is heavily involved in helping clients to research info for some very complicated Human Rights cases and in addition, they are assisting several authors to find ways to market their books.
They also offer their research services to home businesses, small businesses, and to individuals.
Some of their tasks include:
Researching of requested info.
Producing well-written documents containing the requested info.
This team can carry out Internet, phone, and library research on your behalf.
Meet our writing team!  Known as the one stop writing shop.
This team is probably the busiest of our groups.  Working with authors, students, and marketing personnel from companies of all sizes.
Some of their tasks include:
Proofreading and editing. 
Copy writing.
The writing team can help you to enhance and expand your a rticles, blogs, newsletters, online magazines, and web content.
To see samples of their work you can visit and there you’ll find daily blogs produced by this team. 
Meet our translation team!  Made up of translators and language coaches.
This team works in English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.  They are heavily involved in the translation of storybooks for kids into several languages.
Their language coaches are also heavily involved in helping business professionals and new Canadians to become more proficient at writing and speaking English.
Our dynamic team of translators and language coaches can help you to improve and translate your articles, blogs, emails, faxes, newsletters, and online magazines.  In addition, they offer services to help you improve your phone conversation.
Some of their tasks include:
Language coaching.
Proofreading and editing.
To learn more about our accessibility, research, translation, and writing services, please visit and while there check out our free monthly online magazine.  You can go directly to this magazine by visiting  This magazine is filled with articles of interest to the special needs population; there is also a section on helpful tips, and an editorial written by Donna J Jodhan.  The helpful tips section contains tips on a wide range of topics.  From the kitchen to your diet, and from your computer to tidbits on disabling diseases and even some tips on the workplace.  You can even submit your comments to this magazine by emailing us at
Our sister website!  If you would like to make some light hearted contributions at absolutely no cost, then please send your contributions to  Visit our sister at and there you will find a lot of interesting information, books to read, plus more.
List of blogs and editorials
The following is a list of websites where you can read blogs and editorials written by Donna J. Jodhan:
Donna Jodhan!  Advocating accessibility for all
weekly feature on important answers to consumers concerns
a weekly blog for language professionals and accessibility consultants
a monthly editorial on business issues and concerns 
weekly editorials on accessibility issues in Canada
Editorials:  An International perspective on issues of accessibility and disability
A general perspective on issues of access and accessibility 
Contact info
To contact us by email:  Please send your email to
To contact us by phone:  Please give us a call at (416) 491-7711

About Donna Jodhan

Donna Jodhan is an award winning blind author, advocate, sight loss coach, blogger, podcast commentator, and accessibility specialist.
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