The British picture; hospitals and immigration

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Today I would like to take you to Britain and examine the picture there.

The British picture, immigration and hospitals


When it comes to spoken languages, the British landscape has certainly changed and this change is extremely noticeable today.  There was a time not so long ago when English was probably the main language being spoken in Britain but with the passing of years this picture has changed and today Britain is home to many spoken languages.


This landscape has changed due to a very heavy influx of immigrants from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and with this comes the opening up of more opportunities for translators and interpreters.  As I along with many other see things, tons of opportunities abound for translators and interpreters to work in such places as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, immigration related centers and departments, and even at schools and universities.  For translators, interpreters, and teachers, the future for employment is extremely bright if you can work in more than one language.  True it is that our global economy is presently not doing too well, but for translators and interpreters, teachers and writers who can speak more than one language!  Your time is now.  Immigrants to Britain need your services.  The British government needs your services.  I am going to leave you with two references for you to review.  Both will help to paint the picture more clearly for you.


        Labour And The Tories Have Made Britain A Laughing Stock Example 1 …

        By Victor(Victor)

        Patients who need interpreters are being given priority by hospital trusts because bosses reckon it’s cheaper than having costly translators hanging about. It means that at busy times non-English speakers are instantly shunted to the …



        Familiar voices: Why the linguistic heritage of Britain‘s ethnic …

        Independent – London,England,UK

        These languages have a huge part to play within the UK too, with a growing need for interpreters and translators to assist in anything from immigration to …

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