Should You Pay to Work at Home? (executive leadership coaching)

By Donna J. Jodhan

Most persons would probably say no to this question but if we think about it; many of us need help when starting up a work from home business.  For many, it’s like walking in the dark because there are so many things that we need to take into consideration and let us not kid ourselves when it comes to research that we would need to endure.  Hours and hours of patience are needed.
I guess that it can easily be said that it’s either we spend many hours researching and investigating not to mention trying things out and learning through trial and error or we pay the experts to help us get on the right track.  There are some very good entrepreneurial coaches out there who will gladly help the new entrepreneur but like anything else it comes with a price. 
So we need to decide what is best for us.  There are two very distinctive paths to choose from.  Do it yourself and learn through trial and error if you have the time and energy or hire a coach to help you and pay the money if you have it.  I have an excellent reference for you to look at.  Please see below.  
Should You Pay to Work at Home? (executive leadership coaching) 

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