Pharmacies Agree to Provide Prescription Data in Many Languages

Top of the day to you out there.  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and today I am here to share some really exciting news with you about what some pharmacies in New York are doing.
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        Pharmacies Agree to Provide Prescription Data in Many Languages
It is becoming more and more important for pharmacies to have the ability to provide prescription data in multi languages and why is this?  The answer is very simple.  For large cosmopolitan cities like New York City that is made up of so many persons whose first language is not English, it is only fair that pharmacies begin to offer this type of service and it is exactly what New York pharmacies have begun to do and many are saying that it will only be a matter of time before other large cities begin to follow suit. 
This trend is only going to grow and along with this trend could easily come the birth of another; the opening up of multi opportunities for foreign language translators.  Could this herald the birth of a special program at colleges and universities?  One that will offer skilled training for those wishing to become medical translators?  For make no mistake about it; if pharmacies expect to provide top notch services in this area, they will need to employ skilled professionals who are able to translate medical terms concisely, professionally, and appropriately. 
We can easily look forward to the birth of a very new type of career.  Specialized medical translators who will be specifically trained to translate prescriptions in multiple foreign languages and their rise to prominence is poised to take off in a very big way.  With New York taking the lead in this field, it will only be a matter of time before the demand for specialized medical translators starts to grossly outstrip supply.  This may be the time for anyone who is thinking of a new and exciting career to look at this arena more closely. 
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        Pharmacies Agree to Provide Prescription Data in Many Languages
        New York Times – United States
        For those New Yorkers who do not speak English as a first language, he said, “this agreement will ensure they  have the medical information needed to protect …
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