Not enough languages on the Internet?

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Today, I would like to address the topic of languages on the Internet.

Not Enough Languages on the Web?


Ever wondered what are the three most spoken languages on the Internet?  Have you ever stopped to think how you can use this info to your advantage?  Most important of all, have you ever given thought to how you can use this info to beat your competitors to the punch?


In today’s fast-moving markets, it is really important for you to be able to identify the three most spoken languages on the Internet so that you will not be wasting precious resources marketing your products and services.  If you have this knowledge safely tucked away in your back pocket, the next step is for you to develop marketing strategies aimed at specific types of consumers in specific parts of the world. 


Having this type of info at your fingertips will allow you to utilize your time more effectively.  You will be able to develop more effective marketing strategies, design products and services that will be targeted to consumers who are seeking your business, and reach those consumers who can offer you real demand.   Not having this info at your fingertips will only serve to make you just an ordinary company that is not sure which markets are real. 


Think of it like this:  If you are able to determine the three top languages spoken on the Internet, then you can chart a course that is more accurate and concise.  If you do not have this vital info, then your chart will probably look like a map that is filled with crisscrossing lines; unreadable, confusing, cluttered, and a mish mash of squiggles.  I am going to close by giving you a reference to check out.  One that will provide you with the three top languages spoken on the Internet.


Not Enough Languages on the Web?

By gbarto(gbarto)

Speaking of Wikipedia, if you take the figures in this article, there are around 1.2 billion Chinese speakers, 850 million English speakers and 400 million Spanish speakers. That’s nearing 2.5 billion people. Take the larger estimate …

Confessions of a Language Addict – 


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