Multi lingual day care workers in demand

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Today, I am going to help by putting out a call for multi lingual day care workers.  They are being called to fulfill a very acute shortage of professionals.

Multi lingual day care workers in great demand


I bet that many of you reading my blog today would be very interested to read this from me.  Yes, I am extremely serious and here is why.

With more and more families speaking more than one language at home, it is becoming more and more of a necessity for day care workers to be able to converse in more than one language.  There was a time that if you could communicate with the pre-schoolers, and you had the proper qualifications, you could probably expect to enter into a very rewarding career; either as a day care worker or as a day care business.  That was when English was the primarily spoken language of our land.


That was then and this is now and the landscape has changed drastically over the past few years.  Why you may ask?  Because there are more and more multi lingual pre-schoolers entering the system today and this trend is only going to increase with the passing of time as America becomes home to a continuing influx of families from foreign lands. 


More and more parents are demanding that their little ones be taken care of by persons who can converse in their language and this is opening up a whole new window of opportunity for those who can speak a second or even third language.  Let us think of it in this way.  Yes, it may be a bit more work to obtain the necessary qualifications to be a day care worker along with being able to speak a second language, but at the same time being able to master these two skills can potentially bring you a lot of personal as well as financial reward.  Whereas in the not too recent past day care workers were not on the higher end of the pay scale, with these new changes taking place the status and value of a bilingual or multi lingual day care worker is going to rise appreciably.


I see this as a tremendous opportunity for someone who is not too sure which career to pursue.  A career or business that has the potential to attract a lot of multi lingual consumers and at the same time take advantage of real demand.  It is something worth considering.



I’m Donna J Jodhan wishing you a terrific day.

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