Jobs and careers identified

Greetings everyone!  I’m Jill Christiansen, manager of writing services at  Today, I have some very interesting headlines for you; all about how the skills of baby boomers are in great demand.  I invite you now to read on.

Week of April 10
Jobs and careers identified
Are there enough skilled workers to replace those being taken away by baby boomers?
If so, where will they be coming from?
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Skilled workers needed to replace baby boomers
Product Design & Development
But many are not working because of the lagging economy or commuting to jobs on the East and West coasts, he said. “If we could get a big industrial project …
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Can we stop the shipping of jobs out of the United States?
If so, how can it be done?
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Economic Black Hole: 20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And …
By randyedye
Millions of jobs have already been shipped out of the United States, and Princeton University economist Alan S. Blinder estimates that 22% to 29% of all current U.S. jobs will be offshorable within two decades. … Once again, with millions of Baby Boomers now at retirement age there is simply going to be no way to pay all of these retirees what they are owed. #15) So will the U.S. government come to the rescue? The U.S. has allowed the total federal debt to balloon by …
Randy’s Right – 
Is the technology industry in America being affected by our aging baby boomers?
If so, how so?
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Jobs Baby Boomers | e-Lincoln
The aging workforce – how the baby boomer workforce in America affects thetechnology industry … Careers For Baby Boomers – Job Center …
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