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 Jobs and careers identified
Are you looking for the best employers for older workers?
Ones who will understand what older workers have to offer?
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The Best Employers for Older Workers | Careers & Jobs
The healthcare sector has benefited from an aging baby boomer population … Atlantic even taps retired workers through its “1000 Hour Club ,” which allows retirees to work up … Jobs & Careers Advice – Joyce Lain Kennedy – Careers Now …
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Are baby boomers planning to retire?
If so, then what is their next step?
If not, then why not?
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Will I Be Part of “Gen U,” the Generation Unretired? | Psychology …
By Lynn Taylor
We have reached a critical mass in which Baby Boomers now say they do not plan to retire. Retirees are applying for jobs, either out of economic necessity or the realization that it’s not “greener” on the golf course or tennis court. …
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How can financial advisers go about attracting baby boomers to their services?
Should they be readjusting their way of thinking?
Please read on.
10 ways financial advisors can attract baby boomers in 2010 …
By Jason Lampa
Financial advisors need to readjust their thinking to find ways to attract boomers in 2010. They need to be aware of the recent economic crisis and find solutions for retirees that will be sustainable across the variable market environments . … In fact, it is estimated that 75 percent of all boomers intend to keep working throughout their retirement. Although they may be retiring from current jobs, many are considering new careers or businesses geared towards their … – All Articles – 
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