Jobs and careers identified

Greetings everyone!  I’m Jill Christiansen, manager of writing services at and I have big headlines to share with you today.  In part, how older workers are becoming shapers of our landscape.
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Jobs and careers identified

Are we ready to deal with the growing wave of older persons and their demands and needs?
If we are, then what have we put in place thus far?
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 Dive In « 800 CEO Read Blog
By jon
Our nation is aging, and the wave of retirees from the baby boom generation is gaining momentum. The Population Reference Bureau (PRB), predicts that by 2030, about one-fifth of the U.S. population will be older than 65 and the Department of Labor estimates that, by 2014, … Surveys show that Gen Xers and Gen Ys (the hot new talent you need) both value this balance, to the point where they will quit (or not accept) jobs that interfere with their family and off-work life. …
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Do you think that GM’s demise has really made a difference to the American economy?
If so, how so?
There are two sides to this story and you should read on to learn more.
As goes GM, so goes America? – Crunchy Con
By Rod Dreher
That’s what happened to baby boomers who went into college teaching — all the people who were hired to train us had the jobs, and intended to keep them until they died in the saddle. … most narcissistic generation ever, don’t really care about what happens after the 2040s or so and so will fight any proposal to fix Social Security tooth and nail if it affects their own benefits, including means testing or raising the age for benefits for current or near-term retirees. …
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How can we go about creating jobs in a jobless economy?
Is there a magic solution right under our noses?
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Creating Jobs in a Jobless Recovery | WBUR and NPR – On Point with …
By Karen Shiffman
This crisis is good, it’s a last wakeup call to a spoiled Baby Boomer Generation, and a totally ignorant subsequent set of generations, that prosperity comes from ruthlessness, and if you like your prosperity, you’re going to have to “man- up” …. JP, I read your piece last, and would only point out: The Social Security Administration has gagged on the unexpected number of new retirees brought on by the recession. Employers looking to save money will offer older employees …
WBUR and NPR – On Point with… – 

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