Japanese gamers split on subtitles vs. dubs for Western games

Japanese gamers split on subtitles vs. dubs for Western games
By Donna J. Jodhan

When it comes to producing games in multi languages, it all comes down to whether to provide subtitles or simply do a straight dub.  For Japanese gamers, this is a very interesting and important question these days.  What to do?  Which is the best way?
We all know that when it comes to games, Japan develops and produces the majority of games and truth be told, they have cornered most of the games market.  So, for them, this is indeed a very important question for them to be addressing.  If they were to produce subtitles, then how would English-speaking consumers in the West take to this?  If they were to simply dub the game into English or any other language for that matter, how much of the meaning of the games in question would be retained and how much would be lost?  Important decisions to be made.
I am going to give you a really great article to read.  Please see below.  Maybe it would inspire you to come up with a solution.
Japanese gamers split on subtitles vs. dubs for Western games
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