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Internet Marketing Blogs that Beg to be Bookmarked By Merle (c) 2008 
Let’s face it, Blogs on the topic of Internet marketing are a dime a dozen. Everyone and their dog seems to have one. I’ll be the first to admit it takes a lot to impress me. Some blogs are just boring and uneventful. But then there are some that make me want to come back again and again.
So, what are the qualities of a great blog? Well, for me it’s one that offers me something of value, whether that be in the form of valuable information, or points me in the direction of free products or services. It’s all about me. By the same token, I do appreciate a blogger with a sense of humor or strong personality. If you’re stiff and mechanical it’s just not for me. Show me who you really are and what makes you tick.
One final point. Don’t forget about design. Blogs that are easy on the eyes, uncluttered and simple get my vote every time. If it has a black background and white text, I’m out of there in a big hurry.
So, who has some of the best blogs online today? So glad you asked. Listen closely as I enlighten you and point you in the right direction.
1) Willie Crawford:
An experienced online marketer, Willie is considered one of the world’s leading Internet marketing experts. Listen to Willie, he “walks the talk” and can teach you a lot about the world of online marketíng.
He also has a radio show at:
2) Michael Fortin Blog:
Copywriting and marketing tips from a man who is too brilliant for words. Michael is an expert copywriter who has done work for John Reese and many of the other top marketers. Without good copy you can’t sell a thing, so learning all you can about persuasive writing is a must for your to do list. Also see:
3) Skip Mcgrath:
If Ebay is your thing then Skip’s blog is a must. An expert at selling items on Ebay, and an experienced author of several books, Skip covers all of the ins and outs of earning money with Ebay.
4) Jensense:
Jennifer helps you to make sense of contextual advertising and helps publishers to earn more money. Topics include Google Adsense and other similar contextual ad programs.
5) Marketing Pilgrim:
Originally launched by Internet marketer Andy Beal way back in 2005. This blog covers the latest marketing news, reviews and other items related to online advertising.
6) Yahoo Publisher Network:
Everything you ever wanted to know about Yahoo’s Publisher Network but were afraid to ask. All of your questions are answered here.
7) Matt Cutts:
A Google employee since 2000, Matt discusses all things Google on his Blog. He also covers search engine optimization and other interesting gadgets he runs across online. If Google is your thing, all is revealed here.
8) Bruce Clay:
Since 1996 way before it was cool to be on the net Bruce Clay has been teaching those about search engine optimization and online marketíng. He really knows his “stuff” and you can tell that by his concrete informative posts which go into great detail.
9) Clickz:
Clickz always has the latest dish on Internet marketing. Serving news and expert advice since 1997.
10) Jim Edwards:
Jim Edwards blog “I Gotta Tell You” is a multi-media blog. Covering numerous topics related to makíng money onlíne, Jim always has a funny story to tell. He has a strong personality, so if you like that you’ll enjoy Jim’s blog.
11) Marnie Pehrson:
Marnie is the creator of and covers all things related to article marketing and other online marketíng strategies. Again, she’s been online for years and has much wisdom when it comes to gaining traffic from your short articles.
12) Google Adsense:
If you use Adsense by Google to generate an income you’ll want to subscribe to this blog. Tons of tips and tutorials to improve your earnings.
13) Search Engine Diva:
Ginette Degner has been providing search engine optimization and Internet marketing consulting for over 16 years. She’s good and also has a great sense of humor.
When you talk about Internet marketing you can’t forget about John Reese. The only online marketer I know of who made a million dollars in one day when he launched his Traffic Secrets course.
15) Joel Osborne:
Joel has been making a living online for the past several years and has numerous web sites and products. Another expert when it comes to learning how to improve traffic and sell online.
16) Jonathan Leger:
Jonathan Leger has been earning a living online since 2004. His blog discusses search engine optimization, Adsense and online marketíng.
17) Pay Per Click Journal:
This blog is written by the website marketing experts at Brick Marketing. They cover all aspects of pay-per-click search engine marketing.
When it comes to marketing online there are plenty of blogs that can keep you up to date on the latest and greatest trends. This is just a small sample of what’s out there. Make sure that no matter whose blog you’re reading, that they thoroughly know and understand the topic they’re discussing. If not, you’re just wasting your time, and if that’s the case you might as well be reading your dog’s blog. But who knows it just might be more interesting.
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