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For the last few years the Indian along with the Chinese economies have been outstripping their Western counterparts in economic growth but with the recent economic slow down, these Tiger economies as experts call them, have been feeling the pinch like anyone else.  No one really knows how this is all going to play out about a year from now, but make no mistake about this; the Indian government is going to do everything in its power to ensure that its economy continues to grow whether it be big or small. 

 In the past few years more and more Western companies have relocated their call centers to India and in addition, they have been advocating for Westerners to invest in India.  India is literally bursting at the seams with consumers who are hungry for Western products and it is with this in mind that I feel that India could become a place for you to consider investing in the not too distant future.  That is, when things settle down globally and hopefully this will be much sooner than later.


I think that the possibility for translators and other foreign language professionals could be limitless if one is willing to wait for things to settle down and India may just be the place for you to be keeping an eye on.


I would like to close by giving you a reference to investigate.

India Small Business News Round-up – 23/10/2008

        By Stefan Töpfer

        Oracle targets small firms in the north for business: Oracle India Private Ltd, the Indian subsidiary of the world’s largest enterprise software company, is scouting for business opportunities in the small- and medium-scale business … Blog – 



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