How To Retain And Attract Visitors To Your Website

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Are you having difficulty retaining and attracting visitors to your website?  Are you tired of constantly receiving advice that just does not work?  Well, before you give up and go away, I’d really like for you to read the following article.  This one comes from a very reliable source.
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How To Retain And Attract Visitors To Your Website
By Matthew Elshaw
Over the past few weeks, Google have been running a series for website owners called “speeding up in a slowdown”, where they discuss ways to grow your business in tough economic times. They’re half way through the five week series so I’ve decided to pool together and share some of the best tips they’ve released so far.
Attracting New Visitors:
Tip #1: Writing the highest quality content
The most important part about creating a website is providing the most informative information you can. As Jack Herrick (the founder of wikiHow) notes, “Our high quality articles don’t just get a little more traffic that the mediocre ones, they get hundreds of times more”. Strive to produce the best page on the internet about your chosen topic.
Tip #2: Sharing your information
Many webmasters are afraid to share their content, because they worry about helping their competitors. By sharing, what you are really doing is encouraging your competitors to provide free advertising for your site and link back to you.
Tip #3: Create a community
Allow collaboration between users on your site. There are many ways to achieve this, but it all helps to build an online community which will attract new users and keep others coming back.
Retaining Visitors:
Tip #1: Functionality before layout
Think about tasks on your website first and layouts second. If your users are coming to your site with specific goals, make them easy to accomplish!
Tip #2: Use ads as potential exit paths
Instead of interrupting your users main tasks, try placing ads as potential exit paths after they have completed a specific action. Users will feel more comfortable using your site and will be more likely to come back.
That’s it folks! While some of these are quite simple, it’s very tricky to build a profitable business without getting the basics right.
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