How to do keyword research for non-English websites

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Today, I have some very important information to impart to you on the subject of how to go about doing keyword research for non-English websites.

        How To Do Keyword Research For Non English Sites | Search Engine …


The process of being able to carry out keyword research is at best a very intricate and complicated process but when you think about doing it for non-English websites, it is even more difficult.

As more and more non-English websites make their way on to the Internet, the need and demand for keyword research for non-English websites is only going to go upward.  This means that there are definitely going to be a need for persons who possess the following types of skills.


Computer savvy persons who can communicate in languages other than English. 

Persons who are well versed in keyword research and search engine optimization.

Persons who can communicate effectively with web content developers and webmasters in languages other than English.

Persons who have the ability to understand what exactly needs to be researched.  In short, multi lingual keyword researchers.


As I see it, there are some very bright career prospects for foreign language professionals to look forward to and now is the time to start thinking about it.  Do not wait for the recession to be over, act now.

I would like to close by providing you with a reference to check out.


        How To Do Keyword Research For Non English Sites | Search Engine …

        But these tools can be helpful to you in Keyword Research for English language websites. When we have websites in other languages such as French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese etc. At that time keyword research is … By these three methods you can do keyword research for non English websites and you can target primary keyword and secondary keyword on your particular page. And also by the way of translation you also can do optimization of your non English …

        Search Engine City – An SEO and… – 



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