How to attract non-English speaking customers to your business

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Today, I would like to focus on how you can attract many more non-English speaking clients to your business.



How to attract non English-speaking customers to your business


Today, I have a very practical and logical formula when it comes to offering you some words of wisdom on how to attract more non English-speaking consumers to your business.  Believe it or not, you can gain many new consumers if you are able to offer service in their first language and nothing is better than someone being able to phone a company and receive service in their first language.  It can sure go a long way to helping you to procure new and loyal customers.


First, your website:  If you are offering services and products to consumers of different languages, then you should take the time to develop your website in alternate languages.  Make sure that your website is appropriately and correctly translated using the correct terms and words of the given region, city, or country.  Example, use South American Spanish when providing a website to South American consumers and Parisian French when dealing with consumers from France.


Second, your customer phone service:  Make sure that if you plan to offer your customer phone service in certain languages that you are indeed able to do so.  If you offer your service in Spanish for example, make sure that your call takers can converse smoothly in Spanish.  Similarly, if you offer service in English, please make sure that your call takers are fully able to understand and converse in fluent English.  Nothing could be worse if a company says that it offers service in a certain language but when the consumer phones they find themselves speaking to someone whose mother tongue is not the language that they are attempting to converse in.  In other words:  If a consumer phones up and requests service in Spanish but instead of being serviced by a Spanish-speaking customer rep, they find themselves having to converse with someone whose second language is Spanish.  Not very good.  The ideal situation would be for a company to provide bilingual or multi lingual reps who can converse fluently in the requested language.


Finally, make sure that when you send out emails, faxes, and letters in a requested language, they are appropriately and correctly written in the requested language.  All points for you to ponder.



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