Global Business Needs to Pay Special Attention to Fractured …

Global Business Needs to Pay Special Attention to Fractured …
By Donna J. Jodhan

When it comes to global trade and the matter of accurate translations, we need to ensure that what we translate is what we mean to say.  Too often, companies fall into the trap of using translators who translate literally and in many cases the finished translation either does not give the message accurately or it misses the gist of the message completely.
It is so important to be able to communicate accurately, precisely, and in a manner that clearly gives the intended words of a message.  That is, to be able to send a message that means what it says and says what it means.  How do we deal with this problem?  To start with, we can ensure that the translator is able to and has the ability to translate to and from the languages involved.  In short, they should be translating from a second language to the language that is their mother tongue. 
An example?  If my mother tongue is Spanish and my second language is English, then I should be translating from English to Spanish and not the other way around.    This should be a good starting point.  Please see my reference below.
Global Business Needs to Pay Special Attention to Fractured …
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