Flights of Fancy – What do we think about endangered languages?

Top of the day to you out there!  I’m Donna J. Jodhan and today I would like to chat about somehting very real; endangered languages.
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Flights of Fancy – What do we think about endangered languages?

Language is what makes our world go around.  We use language to communicate with each other; verbally, orally, and in written format.  We communicate with each other in same language format and in foreign language format.  Example, English to English, and Spanish to French.  Most of us take all of this for granted but what if?  What if there was to be just only one global language for us to contend with?  What a world it would be!  Or, what if we did not have translators and interpreters to translate and interpret?  What a complete disaster it would also be!
If we were to look at this picture on a more general basis, we could be asking ourselves this very sobering question.  Are there any languages on the endangered list these days and if so, what criteria would we be using in order to measure this?  I can bet anything that the majority of native English speaking persons would quickly say that there is no way that English could or would ever become an endangered language but for other much less spoken languages this opinion could easily be the opposite. 
Could or would there come a day when English could indeed become an endangered language?  With the majority of the world’s population speaking English as a second language, who knows what could happen by the turn of the next century.  If this were to take place then we can be very sure that global commerce as we know it today would not be the same and the landscape of international trade would be surely be one that we would never have expected.  Much food for thought.
I am going to leave you with a very futuristic article to ponder.  I invite you to give this one some serious thought.  Please see below.
Flights of Fancy – What do we think about endangered languages?
By Marianne Dashwood
While it’s impossible for native English speakers to imagine that, I think it’s also impossible to make a categorical statement because of the huge diversity of circumstances surrounding the various endangered languages of the world. Take for example first, … Because, ultimately, language is a tool that humans create to communicate with each other, and that’s its primary function. It would be a beautiful world that didn’t require translators and mistrust and fear. …
Flights of Fancy –  
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