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Week of October 10 2009:
Your Best American cities
1.  Scottsdale Arizona
A city that is primarily for the rich!
With lots of things to see and do including:
Upscale shopping, golfing, being pampered at some of America’s most luxurious spas, plus much more.
Fine dining at some of the nation’s best restaurants abound and there are loads of art galleries to satisfy the art lover.
Scottsdale is famous for its Mayo clinic.
If you are looking for an upscale city to move to, then Scottsdale is for you.
2. Santa Clarita California
If you are seeking a city that is very close in proximity to Los Angeles, then Santa Clarita is a great place to be.
One of the safest cities in America in which to live, and with an above average quality of life.
Santa Clarita is an upscale community and is one of the largest cities in the County of Los Angeles.
This city is a great asset to the film industry.
It also has lots of outdoor parks, biking trails, and golf courses for you to enjoy.
If you’re seeking a city with an upscale dimension in which to live, and one that is safe with a great quality of life, then Santa Clarita is for you.
3. St Petersburg Florida
A city that offers unimaginable possibilities for retirees as well as young professionals.
Clean and sandy beaches, the best in the world for swimming.
Peaceful and glassy waters for sailing.
Industries that offer boundless opportunities for job seekers.
A great vacation spot for Europeans as well as North Americans.
If you are thinking of moving to a warmer climate where you can find ready employment as well as immediate enjoyment, then St Petersburg is for you.


4. Raleigh North Carolina
A beautiful city in North Carolina that is part of the research triangle.
This city is blessed with lots of friendly neighborhoods with a wide range of home styles.
They range from urban homes to new and modern subdivisions and in between.
Excellent educational facilities can be found in Raleigh.
Housing is extremely affordable and cost of living is also very attractive.
If you are seeking a city with great potential and pleasant weather then Raleigh is for you.
5.  Virginia Beach
This beautiful city is one for all stages of life.
If you’re seeking a location to retire to, then Virginia Beach is for you.
There are lots of luxurious estates, vacation homes, second homes, and log cabins to choose from as well.
Virginia Beach is one of the major locations in the Hamptons and is close in distance to the Nation’s capital.
If you are thinking of retiring to a pleasant spot with lots to do then Virginia Beach is for you.
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