Asian languages on the West coast Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese

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Today I would like to shine the spotlight on our West coast, right here in the good old United States of America.



Asian languages on the West coast Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese


I’d like to give you some important pointers today with regard to which languages you should be looking at when it comes to providing translation services right here in America, specifically for the West Coast.  The first thing for you to know is that the translation industry is very much alive and well in America.  The second thing for you to know is that on the West Coast, the translation industry is booming and ticking along at a very fast clip. 


As things stand today, the West Coast has become home to literally millions of immigrants from Asia and will continue to be so for many foreseeable years to come.  Immigrants from Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam continue to make the West Coast of America their home and in addition, they continue to establish important business links between the West Coast and their original homelands.  The picture looks something like this:

We have millions of persons migrating from Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam to our West Coast.  They come bearing a lot of experience, skills, and funds to set up themselves in their new home.  They are determined to become good Americans but at the same time they are also determined to retain links to their countries of birth.  They need translation services in order to obtain their objectives.  So, they need translation and foreign language services and many translation agencies on the West Coast are primarily providing translation services in the languages mentioned above.


This picture could be used by many Americans to their advantage as follows:  Why not learn one of these languages as your second language and in so doing you can use your skills to enter professions such as translation, transcription, foreign language interpretation, foreign language teaching, and as foreign language writers, proofreaders, and editors.  You see, there are practically hundreds of thousands of opportunities beckoning.  I know that the economy is very volatile at the present time but please keep this in mind.  We need global trade and immigration to continue in order to support our economies and these two variables will always be needed in order to stabilize and help expand our global economy. 


I would like to close by giving you a reference to investigate.

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        The Asian languages, particularly Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, represent a significant part of the translation industry in the United States, especially on the West Coast. Some agencies specialize in only Asian languages …

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