5 key principles of effective leadership

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Ever wondered why is it you are unable to become a better leader?  Are you seeking the magic solution?  Well, I have an article for you to check out.  One that speaks volumes when it comes to the 5 most important leadership principles. 
So many of uss falsely assume that leadership is easy to attain.  Wrong; and this article will tell you why.
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5 key principles of effective leadership
The following Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership(registered trademark)
were compiled by Jim Koozes and Barry Posner after getting responses from
thousands of people who were asked to share their “Personal Best” stories.
When leaders are at their personal best, they:
Model the Way
Leaders establish principles concerning the way people (constituents, peers,
colleagues, and customers alike) should be treated and the way goals should
be pursued. They create standards of excellence and then set an example for
others to follow. Because the prospect of complex change can overwhelm
people and stifle action, they set interim goals so that people can achieve
small wins as they work toward larger objectives. They unravel bureaucracy
when it impedes action; they put up signposts when people are unsure of
where to go or how to get there; and they create opportunities for victory.
Inspire a Shared Vision
Leaders passionately believe that they can make a difference. They envision
the future, creating an ideal and unique image of what the organization can
become. Through their magnetism and quiet persuasion, leaders enlist others
in their dreams. They breathe life into their visions and get people to see
exciting possibilities for the future.
Challenge the Process
Leaders search for opportunities to change the status quo. They look for
innovative ways to improve the organization. In doing so, they experiment
and take risks. And because leaders know that risk taking involves mistakes
and failures, they accept the inevitable disappointments as learning
Enable Others to Act
Leaders foster collaboration and build spirited teams. They actively involve
others. Leaders understand that mutual respect is what sustains
extraordinary efforts; they strive to create an atmosphere of trust and
human dignity. They strengthen others, making each person feel capable and
Encourage the Heart
Accomplishing extraordinary things in organizations is hard work. To keep
hope and determination alive, leaders recognize contributions that
individuals make. In every winning team, the members need to share in the
rewards of their efforts, so leaders celebrate accomplishments. They make
people feel like heroes.
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