News – September 2021 – Nominate an Inclusive, Barrier-Free Business for Barrier Free Canada’s Inaugural Inclusive Business Award!

Barrier Free Canada - Canada Sans Barrières logo.Barrier Free Canada – Canada Sans Barrières is pleased to announce our call for nominations for the 2021 Barrier Free Business Award!

Do you know of a business that has exceeded your expectations in terms of how inclusive and accessible they are? Do they constantly push boundaries to ensure they not only can provide sufficient physical space for all persons, but also an inclusive environment that truly feels welcoming to all patrons?

This year we are encouraging our community to nominate businesses that showcase their disability inclusion initiatives through all areas of their business. This can be done through how they create a welcoming environment, showcase their inclusive hiring policies, demonstrate how they provide support for their diversified staff, or through other initiatives they have implemented. If a business like this comes to mind please consider putting them forward as a nominee for this year’s Barrier Free Canada Inclusive Business Award!

Please submit your nomination to

General Information

  • What is the name of this business?
  • Where is the business located?
  • What is your affiliation to this business?

Nomination Questions

  • In your opinion, what makes this business barrier free?
  • What has this business done to go above and beyond, ensuring patrons of all abilities are able to enjoy the services or space provided by this business?
  • Why should this business be considered for this award?
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