News – March 2023 – Recognition

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In keeping with her commitment to recognize those who have acknowledged her efforts, award-winning author and sight-loss coach Donna Jodhan recognizes the following persons for the month of March 2023, with special thanks to Aaron Di Blasi and Mind Vault Solutions. She also recognizes Michelle Parker! Donna is also pleased to acknowledge those who have and continue to recognize her as a sight loss coach! These are her All Stars.

If you would like sight-loss coach and author Donna Jodhan to recognize you then you really do not need to do too much. It’s really quite easy! Just retweet her tweets at @author_jodhan and/or like her posts on Facebook at Author Donna Jodhan. It’s all about everyone working together to recognize each other!

To learn more, visit award-winning author and sight-loss coach Donna at

  • Bernard Werwie
  • Tiffany Ann Wood
  • Zoe Vlahos Fiogkos
  • Connie Cuffaro
  • Victor Gouveia
  • Maria Saieba Kovacs,
  • AliasJason Everett
  • Josephine Harris
  • Gabriella Sharrard
  • Lucy Misasi
  • John DiMarco
  • Mohammed Elhassan
  • Rebecca A. Moore
  • Jennifer Zadzilka Hoffmaster
  • Victoria Picanco
  • Kathy Konkle
  • Viknes Aromzi
  • Louise Arellano
  • Wombat Pat
  • Yvonne Letien
  • Pamela Brown
  • Yael Lauren Burger
  • Kim Vasehus Larsen
  • Fadhili Kaigarula
  • Ray Jackie Hoilund
  • Ryan Myer
  • Gina Brambo Bhugeloo
  • Dylan Clarke
  • Brendon Charles Donohue
  • Joshua Constantinoff
  • Richard Sweeney
  • Sunshine In Denver
  • Bernie Wournell
  • Stephanie Cave
  • Steven Minor
  • Sue Davies
  • Steve Castorena
  • Angela Smith
  • Michael A Ashby
  • Tina Branum
  • Lori anne’s Blind journey
  • Amrw Labib
  • Raj Tribhuwan
  • Blindy Girl
  • Charles May
  • Greg Keefe
  • Billy Brandon
  • Elena Laude Aguilar
  • Vic Pereira
  • Sally Peters
  • Tania Perisic
  • Lee Min-ho Lee
  • Dina Maitrī
  • Marc Baillargeon-Molloy
  • Shane Bentham
  • Willian James
  • AliasJason Everett
  • Alvaro Alvarito
  • Dana Leet

To see the entire archive of those who have been recognized over the years, click here!

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