Ask an Author – April 2023 – When Rivers and Brooks Come Alive

A gentle brook meanders through a low green meadow at dawn, when the sky overhead is full of soft pinks and oranges.

Indeed! They are not the only joys of nature to come alive at this time of the year! No, not just the birds, flowers, trees, grass, and so much more!

Hats off to our rivers and brooks and I have been using this strategy to help wake up my mind, imagination, and creative juices for several years now! Yes! I make my way to the edges of rivers and brooks and there I stand listen to them flowing along. Just the sound of flowing water is enough to get me going and then I breathe deeply in order to inhale the sweet fragrance of the water.

I would even venture to search for small stones and pebbles and then to toss them into said river or brook. Just think of the rain helping to fill the rivers and brooks!

If you are not close to a river or brook then how about this as a suggestion.

You can purchase one of the small sound machines for a very affordable price and then use it to help you simulate the sounds of a river and/or brook.

Please give this a good old knowledge try!

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (award-winning sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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