News – March 2022 – Subscriptions to the Blind Lifestyle Newsletter Continue to Grow

A graphic of the words 'The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter' offset with images of blind people navigating the world with assistive devices.Donna’s news for March continues to be filled with lots of excitement and interesting initiatives.

Subscriptions to her The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter which is a monthly edition is growing quickly and Donna is seriously considering producing a second edition which will make two editions per month.

This is all based on growing requests for Donna to do this.

You can subscribe for free by going to
And you can

Here is the official announcement of Donna’s The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter:

The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter

This lifestyle newsletter is created by and for the blind and visually impaired by Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna Jodhan, with content curation sponsored by Top Tech Tidbits. The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter focuses on current lifestyle news, issues and trends largely unrelated to technology and as they relate to the lives of people who are blind, deafblind, deaf and living with disabilities generally.

If you’re looking for something more than just news on technology, then you’ll want to start reading this monthly online newsletter!

Newsletter subscription is free!

Sight Loss Coaching by Donna Jodhan

Meet the Coach

Donna Jodhan has been coaching persons with sight loss since 2000. She is a high profile Apple certified trainer and consultant and world renowned author. She has written and produced and continues to write as a blogger, editorialist, podcast commentator, writer, and fiction author. She produces meaningful and up to date info designed to assist the reader and listener to become more confident when dealing with sight loss.

As a person with sight loss herself, Donna recognizes and knows only too well how the colossal challenges of COVID-19 has changed the lives of us all; especially so for those living with sight loss. At the best of times, it is difficult enough to cope when sight loss sets in for anyone but when the world is unexpectedly and practically turned on its head and we are all now forced to find new ways to cope, the challenges of sight loss becomes even more acute.

About The Coach

As a coach, Donna will use her vast knowledge and life experience as an advocate, author, and entrepreneur to successfully assist you to navigate through life and to learn how to live with vision loss. Donna will teach you how to navigate the fast moving and complicated world of technology and show you how to conquer bullying and scams. You will learn how to cope with sight loss in your home, garden, places of employment, and your home office.

There is nothing better than having someone at your side who can provide personal and customized services to meet and accommodate your needs upon request.

Coaching Services

Coaching is available via telephone, email, Facetime, Skype, and Zoom

The first Coaching Session is free of charge. You can expect this session to last anywhere between one hour to one and a half hours and we will be pleased to contact you at our expense thus avoiding you having to incur any long distance charges. We believe that our payment structure is affordable and will be able to meet your budgets and expectations. You may pay as you go at $50 / hour or purchase hours in blocks of 5, 10 or 15 at $40 / hour.

5 Hour Package – $200
10 Hour Package – $400
15 Hour Package – $600

To learn more, please visit:
Telephone: (416) 491-7711

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