News – March 2022 – Readership of Donna’s “Ask the Coach” Feature Also Growing

The words 'Ask the Coach' with seven branches coming off it, each represented by a relevant symbol: 'Expert', 'Consulting', 'Knowledge', 'Team', 'Advice', 'Trust', and 'Research'.The number of Facebook readers to Donna’s “Ask the Coach” feature also continues to grow with over 25,000 readers!

Here are the questions that Donna responded to for February:

  • A question from Jake in Aberdeen, Scotland, who wants to know if there is a method to hanging pictures on the wall so that they are straight.
  • A question from Gala in Kent, England, who would like to know if there is any good method for organizing one’s freezer.
  • A question from Glenda in Alberta, Canada who would like to know what is the best way to go clothes shopping.

You can read more about Donna’s “Ask the Coach” initiative by visiting

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