Who Is Watching Out for Those Seniors?

Greetings everyone and I’m Scott Savoy on another gorgeous August weekend.  We are just past the mid point of August and today I am pleased to share our president’s weekly editorial with you.
For this week, Donna J. Jodhan highlights how a particular country in the Caribbean is treating its seniors.  In particular, a specific cable company.
Happy weekend everyone!

A photo of an LCD TV displaying the Flow Trinidad cable TV company logo and, beneath it, the words "On Demand".Who Is Watching Out for Those Seniors?
by Donna J. Jodhan

This unfortunately is definitely not limited to any given country but for this week I am going to focus once more on the Caribbean. There are many persons who honestly believe that life in this part of the world is a lot better and why? Because it is a tourist oriented resort! Correct, no!

It is unfortunate but here is an example of a specific cable company that continues to fail in its customer service.

I cannot believe or maybe I should say that I do believe that this specific company continues to torment its customers re its lack of adequate services and the most affected are those seniors. This company continues to practically make it difficult for those seniors who are unable to utilize online payment methods. Many seniors are either unable to use a computer or use the Internet let alone be able to pay online. As a result, they depend heavily on family members or trusted friends to assist them.

Then there is the lack of proper technical services on the part of this specific company. More often than not, customers are at the mercy of this company that provides them with shoddy equipment, inadequate technical support, and technical staff that appear not to have the ability to provide what is necessary.

We can only raise our voices in protest and do our best to convince this company to please change their ways. For after all, if seniors are paying their bills then they must be able to receive the services that they pay for.

Just my two cents for today.

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