When Customer Reps Ruin the Images of Their Companies

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Today, I am delighted to share our president’s editorial with you and this week Donna J. Jodhan takes the time to call out 2 very bad examples of poor customer rep service with 2 very high profile companies in the access technology world.
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A photo of a white man with brown hair and glasses yelling exasperatedly into a phone.When Customer Reps Ruin the Images of Their Companies
by Donna J. Jodhan

It never gives me pleasure whenever I feel it necessary to write negative things and in this case, I feel it necessary to do so. For today, it is all about 2 specific companies whose customer reps I believe have done a great disservice to their reputable companies. Here goes!

In April 2022 I purchased a very expensive piece of technology from a company named Florida Vision Technology. In this case it was a pair of the Envision glasses and I have to say that the customer rep who I should refer to as MR JC was more than anxious to sell me his product.
Here is what he said to me as part of our conversations.
“Also, if you know anyone else that is interested in purchasing a pair of the Envision Glasses, I can probably go ahead and discount the purchase of your device if someone in your circle purchases
through me. With every person you refer I might be able to knock off $100.00 from your purchase. That would be in United States dollars. Just let me know.”

I hasten to report that after purchasing my Envision glasses, this customer rep was no longer very supportive to me in that he failed to provide adequate training and support to me. I spent a lot of time sending him emails and leaving phone messages for him and after several months of trying to get him to give me some training, I gave up. He provided me with just 2 sessions and at that they were very sketchy and I am embarrassed to say that even his documentation was not up to par.

In short, MR JC failed to provide support that ought to have been more than just described above especially so in return for the expensive product that I purchased from his company. Thank God that the Envision Glasses company in the Netherlands was able to solve my problems and to make up for a bad customer rep as stated above.

My second example has to do with a very shocking experience that I recently encountered with a customer rep in Montreal Canada.
I wanted to purchase a subscription to the Jaws Software and so I completed the contact form on the Vispero company’s website.

Within an hour I received a response from MR BI acknowledging my inquiry but when I wrote back to him letting him know that I was having difficulty locating the order form and I asked him to help me place my order his response was that he was very sorry; he could not help and he asked me to find someone who could.

Just imagine my shock to have received this type of response. MR BI works for a company named Optelec and they are the ones that I would need to purchase my subscription from as they are the Canadian rep for Vispero.

I humbly submit that these are the types of actions that can easily ruin the images of reputable companies and I can only ask these companies to make sure that their dealers and distributors are appropriately trained in the rudiments of good customer rep manners.

Just my two cents for today.

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