When a star is born – that’s our kids

I think that many of us would probably need to stop and reflect for a brief moment if they are asked to ponder this question:  “When do we think that a star is born?”

I personally have some thoughts on this and would like to share.  I’d like to hear yours as well.

A star is born each time a baby comes into this world.  Each baby; boy, girl, anywhere in this world, born to parents of all types of financial backgrounds, of any colour; this is when a star is born!

Each time a baby makes me smile or laugh or even causes me to pause and ponder; this is when a star is born.

Each time a kid sings, laughs, smiles, or says something that catches my attention; this is when a star is born!

We need to ensure that our stars shine brightly when they are born.  To appreciate them, to protect them, to nurture them, and to encourage them!

These are our stars!  They are our present and our future!

Just my two cents for today.

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