Ask an Author – November 2020 – Using Gift-Giving

A blonde-haired white woman hands a pink gift box to a Black woman with her hair in a wrap. Both are smiling and excited.

Now, here is a proven and perfect strategy for your consideration; one that I have repeatedly used to spark my imagination and to help me wake up my creative juices.

I often use my imagination when entering into the gift giving process. I truly enjoy imagining what I can give to either surprise the recipient of my gift or put a smile on their face.

Sometimes I even surprise myself with what I can come up with and in allowing and enabling my imagination to wonder and roam I can easily use this strategy to do other things.

November is the perfect time to use this strategy and especially at this time of the year it comes in handy. I have found that at times it seems to be at this time of the year when I have to work a bit harder to kick start my imagination and my creative juices. The gift giving strategy almost always seem to work for me.

So give this one a try if you find that you are having a bit of a problem creating and imagining.

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I’m Donna J. Jodhan (sight loss coach and accessibility advisor)

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