What makes one believe that they are entitled?

This seems to be a growing problem today and if we are not careful this problem is probably going to get out of control in the not too distant future.  It all has to do with too many of us believing that we are entitled and it is especially so among our young adults.

There used to be a time when we were prepared to work for what we wanted.  To spend what was ours and to go after our dreams using our own resources.

True it is that our parents were always there to act as buffers, as supporters and as catchers whenever we stumbled and for the most part this all seemed to work.  However, it appears that over the last two decades in particular another attitude seems to have crept into society; this being that more of us and too many of us seem to believe that we are entitled.

It is difficult to pin point what started this attitude.  Nowadays, kids seem to believe that they are entitled to an inheritance from their parents and this attitude is even present among many of our baby boomer population.  There are those who believe that they are entitled to receive assistance to complete their education; both from their parents as well as from the Government.  There are those who believe that they are entitled to certain privileges; a free pass to stay at home for as long as they can and not go out there and secure a job,  to be able to enjoy the privilege of getting a car to drive around without having to pay for it because their parents owe it to them, and on and on it goes.

Could it be then that as parents and guardians we are responsible for this unhealthy attitude?  All because we want to make things better for our kids and for today’s generation?  Could it be that we as grown adults have been remiss in how we manage the expectations of our kids?  Or could it be that today’s generation simply have too many toys to play with and they are not sure which ones they should really be playing with?

Whatever the reasons, the problem of entitlement is a definite problem and one that we should spend some time to deal with before it is too late.

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