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You’re probably wondering where am I coming from with this editorial and I’ll do my best to be as clear as I can be.  In my respectful opinion, it appears that many of today’s working force, that is , those who fall into the under 40s generation, seem to be woefully lacking when it comes to such variables as commitment, staying power, and an inability to live up to promises made by them.  In short, they don’t seem to keep things together when it comes to performances in these categories.

What ever happened to keeping commitments?  What ever happened to keeping promises?  What ever happened to persons being so very careful to ensure that they lived up to their responsibilities?

It literally blows me away whenever someone promises to do something in a certain time frame, they do not do it, and then you have to send them multiple emails asking for a response?

The other day I found myself in a very similar situation as described above.  The young lady had promised to post news items to a certain website each month but never kept up with her commitment.  I had to keep sending her repeated emails begging, pleading, and asking her to post the news items and finally she wrote to say that she did not have time and this is how it was and that I should find someone else.

Nothing wrong with not having the time to do something but gosh!  Be responsible enough to give warning of your time crunch!  Be respectful enough and have the courtesy to be mindful that your actions are causing significant inconvenience to others.

I would say that in this young lady’s case, she never seemed to understand that her actions caused significant inconvenience and that they could be perceived to be arrogant, disrespectful, and downright rude.

Gone are the days when responsibility, respect, and courtesy were uppermost in the toolkit of professionalism.  Gone are the days when commitment meant so much to the one making it and I can only say that we need a ton of glue to repair this but in all honesty; I really do not think that glue would be strong enough to solve this syndrome.

It all boils down to an attitude problem; where arrogance and self centeredness appear to be the order of the day.  Where a don’t care attitude appears to be the hat that this generation enjoys wearing and preferring.

Just my two cents for today.

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