Technology’s unavoidable glitch – a perspective from Donna Jodhan

Say what you may, when it comes to technology, there is one very blatant and glaring glitch that is so very well known. Sure, we can use battery power to keep our laptop computers and I devices going whenever electricity deserts but whenever cable or the Internet goes down; then there goes technology.

This is a glitch that is very unfixable and whenever it happens, I am always tempted to smile a bit because I can find ways to get around it.

Yes!  As a vision impaired person  it is probably easier for me to find work arounds whenever cable or the Internet go down.  I have Braille to back me up.  No!  Braille is not a technological substitute for cable and wi-fi outages.  I like to refer to Braille as something that I can use to keep me going at times like these.

As long as my documents have been stored in Braille format, then I can easily access it with a Braille device but first I need to ensure that my device is fully charged.  So here is the picture in a nutshell.

If electricity goes, and if I have battery power, I can use my Braille device to keep me going.

If Cable and Internet are both down then my trusty Braille device is there for me electricity or no electricity.

Just my two cents for today.

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