What Makes A Leader One To Remember?

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We at the Sterling Creations business desk are delighted to share our president’s weekly editorial and for this long weekend Donna J. Jodhan shares her thoughts on what makes a leader one to remember.
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What makes a leader to remember
By Donna J. Jodhan
Award winning advocate and sight loss coach

There are leaders and then there are leaders. There are those leaders who are remembered for such things as their courage, fortitude, strength, commitment, charisma, transparency, diplomacy, and more. Then there are those leaders who are remembered for their affinity to rub others the wrong way, an inability to get along with other leaders, for breaking promises, a total lack of diplomacy, and more.

I am not going to spend time naming names but to be a leader of anything these days is simply not a very easy task. At the best of times, it is difficult, hair pulling, so very stressful, and on the whole I ask the question; who really wants to be a leader these days?

A leader is almost always remembered for the positive things that they have accomplished but at the same time a leader is also almost always remembered for the negativity that they have managed to execute as well.

These days, it is so much more difficult to be a leader no matter what you lead and where you live. In short, there is one certainty for a leader and here it is! You often never win and you sometimes almost always lose!

Just my two cents for today.
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