We need to be nicer to Mother Earth

I believe that we need to do much more if we want to ensure that our world remains, continues, and hopes to survive all of the woes of climate change and beyond.    In particular; I am referring to the way we treat Mother Earth.

Gone are the days when our careless attitudes went unattended and today we need to take ahold of our carelessness and do something concrete if we hope to ensure that our environment and the world at large has a chance of surviving for generations to come.

We need to pick up after ourselves.  We need to stop littering our surroundings and to put our garbage into trash bins.  We need to be more conscious of how we treat our environment and our surroundings.

We need to stop throwing our garbage into the waterways and instead put it all into the appropriate receptacles.  We need to stop polluting the air.  We need to clean up our beaches, lakes, oceans, and more.

We need to stop killing the fishes of the rivers, lakes, and seas and the birds of the air with our garbage and we need to be nicer to our trees, our flowers, and our grass.  We need to stop killing our bees and other vital animals.  We need to give more protection to our forests and natural habitat.

In short: it is high time that we become more aware that Mother Earth needs our help now!

Just my two cents for today!

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