Differences did not matter

It did not matter then and now we need to work on ensuring that it does not matter now.  What am I thinking about today?  Just this!

So many years ago when our World War kids stood up for us to ensure that we would and could continue to live in a free world; there were things that simply took a back seat to their drive, commitment, and dedication!  In short!  Differences did not matter!

It was a time when soldiers of all colours, creeds, races, religions, cultures, and varying political backgrounds put aside their differences and came together for one and only one common cause!  It was a time when they gave up their rights choosing instead to express their duty and obligations!  It was a time when these brave young kids showed us all what it truly meant to express the term one for all and all for one!

They stood side by side!  They stood shoulder to shoulder!  They never complained and they never gave the excuse that it was their constitutional right not to go to war or most of all not to be killed by the enemy!  No!  The brave young kids had just one thing on their minds!  They wanted to save the world for us!

The World War kids taught us so many irreplaceable lessons.  Respect replaced disrespect!  Selflessness replaced selfishness!  courage replaced discouragement! Team work replaced self centeredness!  Discipline replaced recklessness!

I could go on and on but I hope that I have expressed my thoughts here!

Now we are living in some very unexpected and uncertain times and we can certainly reopen the history books and use these lessons to recommit ourselves to replicating the examples of our World War kids.

First, we need to ensure that our World War kids now our parents, grandparents, and older relatives are truly remembered and compensated for their selfless efforts and dedication.  Next, we need to put aside our petty differences and cavalier attitudes!

No more saying and thinking that our so-called entitlements should pre-empt everything else.  True it is that we need to protect our rights but if we have any hope of surviving this pandemic then we need to change our outlook now!

We need to think more about others and a bit less of ourselves.  Each time we wear a mask in public or social distance, we are not doing it just for ourselves, we are doing it for each other!

Each time we wash our hands or stay away from crowds we are not just helping ourselves, we are also doing it for each other!

Each time we self isolate and stay at home we are helping not just ourselves but those around us!

In my humble and respectful opinion; let’s just focus on sticking together!  It is the only way for us to survive!  For at the end of the day, the world is only asking us to do such things as wear masks, social distance, and self isolate!  We are not being asked to do any such thing as go to war, give up our lives, subject ourselves to being killed or to be put in concentration camps, or to risk our futures! We are only being asked to look out for each other and to do it from the safe confines of our homes!

Finally: My plea for today would be for us to follow the example of our World War Kids!  Let us save the future of our world and of our kids!  Each time we are tempted to put ourselves first by going out to parties and social events; let us take the safe and selfless path to stay at home!  It is not as painful and depriving as one may think!

Just my two cents for today!

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