Watch learn and mimic – from adults to kids

These are the three words that I along with many use to describe the learning process of a child; from birth and onwards into adulthood.  They are the three words that we should pay very close attention to when we sit down to describe why certain events and incidents take place.

It is time for us to stop playing the blame game and to really take these three words very seriously.  I’ll do my best to paint my picture.


When a child is born unless he/she is blind or vision impaired, they watch everything going on around them and this includes actions of their parents, siblings, and even what is going on re: the TV screen.  For a blind or vision impaired baby, they listen to everything going on around them.


This is the next phase of the process; babies learn what they see and hear and at first they clumsily commit it all to their rapidly growing memories.  Then when they reach the age of understanding, they then start to put their learning into some semblance of organization.


Now comes the third and final phase where they put what they learn into action.  In short, they mimic what they have seen and heard and learned.

Where am I going with all of this today?  It is this!  Each time we sit down to analyse why our youth have committed acts of crime we need look no further than ourselves and our behaviour.  They have watched and listened to us!  They have learned from us!  And now they are simply mimicking us!

Just my two cents for today!

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