The world of apps- two sides to this picture

Apps!  Apps!  These nifty little IOS tools have been around for some time now and they have indeed made our lives so much easier in so many ways.

As it stands today; we can use them to do such things as our banking, order food from restaurants, retrieve the latest news from a plethora of websites from around the world, access radio stations, use them to keep fit, and o so much more.

The Covid chokehold has motivated and driven developers to develop apps at break neck speeds and for whereas I am in awe of all of this, I continue to worry about those who through no fault of their own and maybe not through the fault of the rest of the world are being left behind.

Who am I referring to then?  So many seniors who are simply unable to keep up with technology because of their understandable inability to be comfortable with technology that they did not grow up with or through their lack of technical training.

Persons with disabilities because several of these apps are not fully accessible to them.

Those who are unable to purchase a device due to a lack of financial funds thus making them unable to access apps.

This is indeed a very huge chunk of persons!

It is nice of someone to say that they can access and use apps because they have the appropriate hardware, possess the necessary knowledge, have the financial resources to purchase said hardware and software, and can function easily in the world of apps.  However, there are definitely so many who are being left out.

We need to think of these folks and we need to put on our thinking caps to see how we can help them.  Apps!  A wonderful technological necessity but on the other side of the ledger something that is still beyond the reach of many.

Just my two cents for today.

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