The sweet tonic of sport – the perfect remedy

For lack of a better title, this is the one that I came up with and what am I referring to today?  Well, here goes!

It is my respectful view that sport may be the one and only sweet tonic that can bring us together whenever we find ourselves cheering for the same thing.  Be it for a team, runner, swimmer, or anything like that.  So why can’t we use the sweet tonic of sport to help us become more united in other circumstances?  Why can’t we use and emulate the sweet tonic of sport to help us do such things as put our petty differences aside?  To help us unite to sail our ships and fly our planes in the same direction and for the same cause?  To help us work for the good of our society and our world?

Why is it that when it comes to cheering for our favourite team or athlete, we have no difficulty in coming together to do this?  In these circumstances we rise in unison to clap, cheer, sing, and shout as loudly as we can in unison?  Yet for some very obscure reason we fail miserably when it comes to doing this in times of great need?

Just look at the many stories of kindness and unity that have recently come out of the 2021 Japan Olympics!  These are lessons that we should not hesitate to emulate!  We should be ashamed for ourselves for not even trying.

Just my two cents for today.

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