Feelings of desertion

There is nothing worse than having these types of feelings.  They have a way of sticking to you and not going away very easily.

This is how I and many other Canadians with disabilities continue to feel and why?    I’ll focus on two specific areas of concern and hopefully others can share their thoughts.

The first concerns the recent Canadian Federal Elections where Parties seemed to have forgotten to address most of our major concerns.  They seemed to have either glossed over our concerns or to have ignored them completely.  Once again, our voices went unheard and we were left with horrible feelings of desertion and disillusion.

The leaders debates barely touched on issues pertaining to persons with disabilities and party platforms were often very challenging to access online.

The second area concerns how Canadians are being treated when it comes to ensuring that we are not left behind in the management of the pandemic.

At the present time, Canadians with disabilities are facing huge challenges when it comes to being able to access websites with information necessary to help us obtain vaccine certificates let alone to be able to complete the necessary forms in order to do so.  Then there is the challenge of an inaccessible app titled Arrive Can that is supposed to be used to process one’s safe entry back into Canada after traveling abroad.  This is another example of being forgotten and being deserted.

If we pay our taxes then we must be listened to and treated equally.  For I can bet my last dollar that if for some reason I failed to pay my taxes you would see how quickly the Government would come after me to collect my taxes.

Fair is fair!  Seniors and persons with disabilities need to be given more inclusivity.  We must not be forgotten and we must not be deserted.

Finally, with a rapidly aging population the above mentioned groups are fast becoming the consumer and customer in the marketplace and this trend is only going to prevail.

Just my two cents for today!

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