The speak to me dilemma

Truth be told, I really do not think that this dilemma will ever go away.  It could probably be whittled down but this may only probably achieved through committed and sustained effort on the part of persons with disabilities.

So what am I lamenting today?  It is this!  The continuous challenge when it comes to persons with sight choosing to communicate  with those who we are with instead of speaking directly with us.  Yes, I can sort of understand why this continues to be so but on the other hand I have started to find this not just irritating, but also quite rude and disrespectful.

The other day when I was standing at the cash in the supermarket attempting to pack my stuff, the casher said to my mom, “Tell her not to touch anything.”  I can tell you that it took everything in me not to have screamed at her or to throw a fit.  This would not have worked.

Instead, I should have spoken directly to her.  It does not do any good to not say anything.  For if we continue to not say or do anything, this very unhealthy circumstance will continue to persist.

What I should have said was something like this:  “Mom, please tell the casher that these are my goods and I can touch them because they are mine and I am paying for them.”

Yes, I know!  Diplomacy needs to be the order of the day here but one thing is for certain; we need to start becoming more assertive and to teach the sighted world that yes!  You can certainly speak to me directly!  Don’t speak to the one who is accompanying me!  There is no need for this!

Just my two cents for today.

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