Remembrance Day 2017

No, I was not there!  And no, I was not even born when those two terrible tragedies took place: World War I and World War II.   However, I have learned enough over the years to be able to fully understand that were it not for so many thousands of young men and women, I would not be here today.  Hence my letter as follows.

We never met and I never had a chance to hear your voice, shake your hand, or embrace you!  I never had an opportunity to know anything about you:  What you liked to do in your spare time, what you liked to eat,   where you lived, nor anything else.  All that I knew was that you gave your life to save the world!

I never heard you laugh or cry!  I never heard you speak!  I never heard your footsteps and I never knew how tall you were or how handsome or pretty you were.  Yet for all of this you have mattered to me over the years and why?

You were the young man with the toothy grin who went fearlessly and daringly into battle because you felt it your duty to do something to save the world!  You were the young woman who gave up your life to tend the injured and wounded and who spent endless hours comforting others.  You were the one who never batted an eye when you were told that you needed to put country first in order to save people that you had never even met.

You stifled your doubts and fears and with a brave face and heart you left the comfort of your home, the bosom of your family and friends, and as you waved goodbye to your worried sick parents you probably knew that you would never see them again!  All that you knew was that you were going out there; to travel thousands of miles across the seas to perform a very important task!

You gave up all of your hopes and dreams, your girlfriends and boyfriends, your dances and parties, and so much more all in the name of country and world!  You really had no idea what you were being asked to do!  All that mattered to you was that you were going out there in the name of saving others!

Then as you faced the first enemy planes and ships you somehow knew in your heart that it was just too late to turn back!  And as the sun shone brightly down on you and your buddies as you approached those beaches in Europe you knew that somehow it would be a miracle if you were ever able to see your loved ones again!

You did as you were told!  You did what you were trained to do!  You fought bravely and strongly but as you lay there in some foreign land  gasping for air and listening to the moans and cries of your fallen buddies close by all you could have the strength to do was to say “mama!”  You knew that you were dying because your heart was now beating much more slowly and soon it would be over!

One long last look up at the skies filled with aircrafts and planes of all sizes!  You could not tell which were the enemy’s and which were yours!  One final glance outwards at the beaches filled with mayhem and confusion and then your last breath was used to say “I’m sorry mom and dad!”  Then the last thing that you would ever remember would be those hot stinging tears running swiftly down your burning cheeks!

Then it was indeed all over and now you would find yourself in an unfamiliar place!

A place with lush greenery, pure blue skies, and a magnificent ocean as smooth as glass before you  and alas!  No more pain!  You realised that you were now in another world and soon you would see some of your buddies running towards you!  No more fear and no more hesitance for you!  Just Paradise!

Maybe some day I’ll have the privilege and pleasure of meeting you and when I do I’ll bow before you and then reach out my hand to you!  I’ll take it in mine, squeeze it gently and hold it for a wee moment.  Then I’ll say in a soft strong voice:  “Thank you my wonderful angels.”

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