The plea for payment

I can only urge companies, agencies, and universities plus others to really consider the following:  Each time you ask persons with a disability to participate in any of your projects; be they research, surveys, consulting, or anything that is similar, please and please!  Remember to offer monetary compensation in return for their skills and expertise.

I for one really do not understand why it is that these entities continue to resist paying persons with disabilities for their expertise.  If the mainstream person is paid then why not the person with a disability?

It really bothers me that excuses such as no money in the budget to pay, we did not think of paying, we thought that some gift certificates to a fast food outlet would be enough and so on continue to be proffered.

These excuses are shameful, embarrassing, insulting, and frankly; humiliating and disrespectful!  Could this all be due to a historic attitude where much of society simply has very little regard for persons with disabilities?

Is it that much of society continues to think of persons with disabilities as nothing more than second class citizens who need to be kept in their corner because they do not have anything to contribute to society?  Or that we are nothing more than objects of charity?

Whatever it is, this needs to change now and I can only urge all stake holders to start taking stock of this gross glitch!

Just my two cents worth for today.

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