The meaning of Thanksgiving – out of the mouths of babes

All I can say is that sometimes kids do indeed ask some of the most interesting questions; and this is what I encountered a few days ago when a six year old asked me this question.

I paused and hesitated and then I decided to be truthful, honest, and to provide a response that would hopefully resonate with this youngster.

As she sat comfortably on my lap waiting for me to answer her question I gathered my thoughts together and this is what I said.

I told her that to me, Thanksgiving means that I give thanks for living in a country where I do not need to worry about such things as freezing in winter because I have warm clothes to wear and warm blankets on my bed.

I do not need to worry about food because there are so many things for me to eat, drink, and to share with others.

I do not need to worry about not having the Internet in my home because it is almost always available to me.

I do not have to be concerned over not having fresh running water to drink, to cook with, or to have my shower and bath with because we have so much of it in Canada.

I do not need to be concerned about not having electricity; lights that stay on almost all of the time because they do stay on almost all of the time.

I shared other reasons of the meaning of Thanksgiving with my little friend and then I waited for her to respond and after a minute or so she said very softly.

“Auntie Donna!  I am thankful that I live in Canada and I thank God for my parents, my brothers and sisters, and then!  I thank God that I can play with my friends outside and don’t have to worry about the bad guys coming to kill me!  We don’t have any war here.”

Out of the mouths of babes!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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