The Challenge of Interpreting

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The challenge of interpreting
By Donna J. Jodhan

So many times we find ourselves in the middle of a mini crisis and then when we inadvertently mismanage this crisis it somehow turns into unexpected dimensions. In short, a tempest in a tea cup or mole hill inadvertently turns into a super storm or a mountain.

What am I referring to today? Well, here is an example to start with.
How can we correctly interpret the meaning of lending a helping hand versus giving a handout? For what it is worth; here are my thoughts.

A helping hand is when you render support to enable someone to right themselves. To get on their feet. To support them as they work to solve problems. To work with them to develop solutions and scope out advantages and benefits for initiatives that they are working on or wish to develop.

On the other side of the coin, my respectful interpretation of the meaning of the word handout is as follows.
When you give monetarily to an organization or individual because this will probably be the quickest way to stop them from complaining. When you feel that giving monetarily is the quickest way to solve a particular financial challenge and you do not want to spend any more time to help in other ways.
When you honestly believe that a hand out is the best way to solve a problem no matter what.
When you honestly believe that a handout is the only way to solve a present unpleasant situation.

Just my two cents for today.
Image = Class in session at a large University with focus on students in the back of the hall blurring toward the professor at the front of the hall.

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