The attention dilemma – the difference between success and failure

We are living in a world where our lives are being ruled more and more by the demands of technology.  Yes, technology and I say this because I honestly feel that we probably spend most of our waking hours trying to keep up with technology.

We have to contend with a plethora of so many components of technology; emails, text messages, posts on social media, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Small wonder that we seem to be falling further and further into a pit when it comes to being able to give sufficient attention to any part of our lives these days.

There seems to be just too many things that are competing for our attention these days.  Just think about this picture for a few seconds:

You are trying to read and reply to emails both at the same time.  You are also trying to read a text message and while all of this is going on your cell phone rings with an incoming call.

Wow!  So much going on all at once but there is more.  While you are trying to divide your already stretched attention amongst these goings on; your mind is racing to keep up!  It is screaming at you that you need to be doing something else outside of your computer’s screen!  Family things to look after, personal stuff that needs your immediate attention, and the list is growing by the minute!

What to do?  You are drowning and this is what I call the attention dilemma!  For let’s face it!  One’s mind can only handle a certain amount of activity at any given time and the mind’s span is nowhere being described as limitless.

My humble solution?  First take a very deep breath.  Next, sit quietly and begin the arduous process of prioritizing and organizing.  Then start slowly to tackle the task list.

Not a perfect solution but it is a start.

Just my two cents for today.

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