The ArriveCan App Antics Continued – And We Can’t Wait to Hear More!

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A graphic showing one of the ArriveCan app's screening questions with the Canadian Border Services Agency logo above.The ArriveCan App Antics Continued
by Donna J. Jodhan

By now, I really do not think that anyone should be surprised when it comes to how this app has been handled. From in its inception, to development, and then to roll out! Everything about all of this has been nothing but a disaster!

I am sitting here trying to find words to really express my feelings. And after listening to the article at the link below I can only say “Shame on you, Canadian Border Services Agency! Shame on you, Public Health Agency of Canada! And shame on you Canadian Human Rights Commission!”

For what we have here is a catastrophe! A Canadian Government and these particular departments having squandered millions of dollars on an app that malfunctioned from the start and now the RCMP has been called in to investigate. Of course, these 2 departments are keeping very quiet and I wonder what they would have to say for themselves?

Just imagine! An app that was supposed to handle arrivals of passengers to Canada during the Covid period that was intended to test for said virus; was never fully developed, tested, and we are being told that contractors never adhered to the rules and regulations of procurement!

For me as a vision impaired traveler, I had to endure absolute horror when I traveled and returned to Canada and why? The app was totally inaccessible to me and despite my protestations along with fellow travelers with a vision impairment, nobody listened.
Nobody really cared that my rights as a vision impaired traveler were being totally ignored and trampled upon! Just ask the Canadian Human Rights Commission for their stand on this entire issue and you will probably get total crickets or radio silence.

Ah yes! The Canadian Human Rights Commission! An agency that has never seemed to possess any sort of will to exist! An agency without a rudder and one whose purpose for existence continues to boggle many minds! An agency where it takes years for complaints to be resolved and one that has no control over its own complaints system. An agency that bows gracefully to the machinations of respondents and one that appears to be more concerned with forcing complainants to accept solutions that do not solve anything!

So what we have here is this! An app that continues to be criticized for its total lack of purpose and functionality! One that has cost millions of dollars to develop; much more than was first estimated! 2 rogue departments, the Canadian Border Services Agency and the Public Health Agency of Canada responsible for this debacle! The rights of traveling Canadians with disabilities not having been included when this app was developed. Contractors having played to the tune of millions of dollars and ignoring good financial housekeeping! And on and on we go!

I sincerely hope that the RCMP is able to tell us why this happened and who should be held responsible!

Just my two cents for today.

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