Termoil at Terminal 3 – Time to Speak Up!

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I cannot believe that November is simply motoring along and time for us to wish our American friends a very happy Thanksgiving.
Today, I am delighted to share our president’s editorial with you and for this week Donna J. Jodhan revisits an old issue.
She focuses on a very unhappy picture at the Toronto Pearson Airport’s Terminal 3.
I encourage you to give this one a read.
Enjoy your weekend.

A photo of blurry people walking by two abandoned airport wheelchairs.Turmoil at Terminal 3
by Donna J. Jodhan

Just imagine my horror and concern when I encountered the following experience upon arriving at terminal 3 at Toronto’s Pearson Airport on May 31 2023.

I hope that this situation is rectified much sooner than later and I can only say that it does not matter whose responsibility it is! The Greater Toronto Airport Authority, Caribbean Airlines, or the third party contractor! This needs to be fixed now! The excuse that the Covid Pandemic factor has played a huge role in what took place on May 31 is no excuse and please stop passing the buck!

Upon arrival at Terminal 3 on May 31, I encountered agents whose first language was not English. They absolutely refused to engage and communicate with me, and above all! The wheelchairs provided were unacceptable as their seats consisted of a piece of cloth tacked between 2 steel bars and I had to put my carry on between my legs.

I am very sure that they were able to communicate in English with me but lo and behold! They refused! How did I know this? Because they spoke English sporadically but deliberately refused to speak to me in English. Instead, they spoke to each other in their native language for most of the time.

At one time, I said in a loud voice “Please speak to me in English! Please do not treat me like a package! I am a Human Being!”

These agents deliberately chose to push and pull me around in the wheelchair with no concern for good customer service. At one point one of them asked if I could get my own luggage. To which I responded that I was vision impaired, that I had requested assistance for them to help me find my luggage and to assist me to the terminal’s exit.

There was no response. The pushing and pulling of my wheelchair only continued. In short, these agents were rude, condescending, and simply horrible re their service.

I can only urge all parties to please get your act together much sooner than later. This is an embarrassment and especially so that this terminal is in Canada’s largest airport.
This is a huge embarrassment to Canada!

Just my two cents for today.

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