Please Leave Them at Home — They Are Hindering Face-to-Face Socialisation

Greetings to all and I’m Scott Savoy sending all of our love to all moms on behalf of the Sterling Creations team.
Today, I am pleased to share our president’s editorial with you and for this week Donna J. Jodhan makes a plea for us to leave our i devices at home when we go out to socialize.
Enjoy your weekend now.

A photo of a cellphone lying on polka dot fabric. A pair of wired earbuds are plugged into the phone and the screen shows the Zoom logo.Please Leave Them at Home
by Donna J. Jodhan

This is only my personal appeal to anyone who continues to bring along their I device for company when socializing! Here are my thoughts for what it is worth!

If you come out to socialize; then this is what it is! You chat amongst and with each other! You engage, communicate, and interact with each other! You share thoughts and ideas with each other! You seek feedback and exchanges from each other! If this is correct then how would I be able to do all of this and enjoy my outing if you bring along your i device for company and spend most of the time either interacting with it or attending zoom meetings?

I think it to be extremely rude and disrespectful if I am with some one or some ones who only give me have of their attention! For how can it be possible for anyone to do two things at the same time and do it well? As a blind/vision impaired person, it makes things very difficult whenever someone is interacting with their I device while at the same time I am hoping that they are listening to my conversation.

Why? Most of the time I cannot tell if their ear buds are stuck in their ear! So many times I find myself talking to someone who is not even listening to me!

Then how about the person who is hard of hearing? They may know that an ear bud is stuck in the ear of the person across from them while at the same time they are doing their level best to hear what this person is trying to say but alas! The person across from them cannot even hear what the other person is saying because of the silly ear bud stuck in their ear and from therein the conversation deteriorates into someone desperately trying to be heard and not being heard!

Does this makes sense? Not to me! It is craziness and definitely avoidable! How can we fix this? Please leave your I device at home or in your car, pocket, or purse
I refuse to socialize with anyone who brings along their I device for company!

Just remember! The world will not fall apart if you take a few precious minutes to socialize in the right way with friends and family!
Just my two cents for today.
Image = On a pink table cloth with gold dots sits a smart phone with the Zoom app open and a pair of wired ear buds connected to the phone.

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