Peace is a must for the Ukraine

President John F. Kennedy once said “Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”

It seems that given the sad and heart breaking situation in the Ukraine, this quote does not appear to have a place here! And from my armchair comfortably seated and watching, I guess that it is much easier for me to share my own feedback given what we have been told through the media.

In short, it is always easier to be an armchair commentator than an actual leader, coach, prime minister, or president!

There is no doubt that World leaders are privy to so much more than the ordinary person but it does not prevent us from just expressing our own inner fears, concerns, and hopes. So here I go.

Peace must be a must for the Ukraine. If this is not adhered to then I am afraid that thanks to a somewhat out of balance Russian president, there is going to be worldwide suffering the likes that we have not seen since World War II.

I was not born when World War II took place but I sure heard enough stories to leave me absolutely horrified, shell shocked, and hoping and praying that nothing like this would ever take place again.

Lo and behold! Here we have a Russian Madman who is totally responsible for bringing us to the brink of disaster and if we as the world do not stand up and stop him then, we will all sadly enough be responsible for allowing him to be the author of World War III!

We can only blame ourselves if the World’s economy collapses! If poverty and starvation are allowed to take possession of our society! If innocent children are slaughtered and killed and Russia is allowed to use the Ukraine as a base to strangle surrounding countries and then wonder across Europe and beyond.

It will all be on our hands if our future is snuffed out by an out of control dictator! We will be judged as murderers, killers, criminals and the blood will be all over us not just our hands!

So let us all work together to stop this insane situation and this out of control Russian dictator! Let us pray, hope, and think positively!

Let us join our Ukrainian brothers and sisters kneeling on the streets in Prayer!

Just my two cents for today.

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